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Professional Nonwoven Team

● Professional Technological Team
● Superior Manufacturing Equipments
● Remarkable Innovation Capability
● Maker and Performer of National Industry Standard

After 90 years of technology accumulation, Qingdao Textile Machinery Co. Ltd (QTM) has established its own field in textile industry. There is always an idea being practiced in QTM during its nearly one century progress: customer’s need is motive of technology innovation.

QTM’s R&D and manufacture system includes a first class R&D center and highly qualified team.

There are totally 1284 employee, 42% of them are R&D and technicians, including more than 60 experts who are state-supported and scientific research personnel who were titled senior technicians, covering areas in nonwovens material and processing, cotton spinning, material science, metal material science, electrical control engineering, automation and mechanical design. They all have a solid foundation of knowledge in their expertise and rich experience in textile manufacturing industry. We also have the expert from overseas support our technology by their rich experience.

Our team closely adheres to company’s operating goal, listens to customer’ need and follows the market. We develop and locate product orientation precisely, supply customers with top equipment of high quality. Our team and our customer lead the market together.

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